For over 50 years, Waystone Health & Human Services has been partnering with people who are diverse in age, ability, and cultural background throughout their personal, work, and life journeys. Annually, our services engage more than 1,700 youth and adults with disabilities, brain injuries, behavioral health challenges, and age-related conditions across Massachusetts. To provide high-quality services to the greatest number of people in need, we rely on fundraising efforts in the community. Our fundraiser, on Friday, April 12th, will unite local business owners and community members with the purpose of supporting our various efforts.

Join us for our Annual Casino Night Fundraiser!

Welcome to Waystone Health & Human Services. For more than 50 years, Waystone has been partnering with people who are diverse in age, ability, and cultural background throughout their personal, work, and life journeys.
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Helping every step of the way.

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Transition Age

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(22 Years+)

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Golden Years


Programs for persons with disabilities and their families

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Day and Employment Services

Focuses on activities of Daily Living, Rehabilitation, Community Engagement & Membership, Vocational & Soft Skill Development & Employment

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Nursing & Behavioral Health Services

Nursing and Behavioral Health Supports focus on preventative, ongoing, and acute medical and behavior health treatment and interventions. Our well-coordinated and diverse service offerings ensure high quality, person-centered care.

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Community Living Services

A variety of supports ranging from 3 hours per week to 24/7 around-the-clock care ensure people are well supported in their homes and local communities. with the intent on increasing each person’s level of independence and sense of belonging.

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Children and Family Services

Designed to provide families and caregivers with the tools and resources they need to deliver safe, comfortable, well-informed, and nurturing support to their family members in all aspects of home and community life.

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Brad Howell, President & CEO & Kara Johnson, President of the BOD
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Welcome to Waystone Health & Human Services!


“This past year, Waystone continued to focus on building our agency’s community.  Our commitment to diversity, equity, inclusion and belonging strengthens as we engage more employees in creating a Waystone Community where all are empowered and welcome. By focusing on our five core values, of Trust, Growth, Respect, Integrity and Belonging, we continuously look for ways to become a better agency for our employees and for the individuals we support. We will never stop seeking to improve in everything we do! Waystone also continues to move forward in expanding existing programs and planning new and innovative services for the lifespan or life journeys the near future.  We have expanded our involvement in the local communities we serve and collaborated with others to address dementia, food insecurity, staffing shortages, leadership development, disability advocacy and building communities that promote equity and belonging. Like most human service providers in the country, we face challenges hiring enough employees. However, we firmly believe that by investing even more in the professional development of our employees, being an inclusive community and passionate about the services we offer, we will attract more skilled people who embody our mission. The future of Waystone is extremely bright thanks to our incredible employees, community partners and other supporters. Thank you!”

~ Brad Howell, President & CEO & Lisa Staff , President of the BOD

News & Events

Donate to Our 2023 Annual Appeal

Donate to Our 2023 Annual Appeal

At Waystone Health and Human Services, we believe that every person has value, worth, and purpose. We strive to help people not only survive but thrive within their homes and community. We know that in order to grow and succeed, people need support, resources, and...

Caregivers Spotlight En Español

Caregivers Spotlight En Español

Wanda: ¿Te sientes más cómoda hablando en español o inglés?  Reina: En español me gustaría por los tres, por Félix también.  Wanda: OK, entonces yo puedo traducir tus palabras a él para que entonces él use las palabras tuyas. Desde cuándo ustedes son cuidadores para...