Birth to Age 13

girl in wheelchair

Children & Family Services

Designed to provide families and caregivers with the tools and resources they need to deliver safe, comfortable, well-informed, and nurturing support to their family members in all aspects of home and community life.

Family Support Center

  • Informational resources and referrals
  • Respite
  • Flexible Funding / Stipend
  • Group-based art therapy, music therapy, and social skills training
  • Family activities
  • Recreation
  • Support Groups

Latino Parent Support Group
Elder Care Support Group
Parent Support Group
Parent Advisory Group
Parent Training/Workshops

Intensive Services (DDS Referral Required)

  • Children’s Intensive Flexible Family Support (IFFS) Program, ages 3-22
  • Regional program- Central Middlesex, Lowell, Metro North, Merrimack Valley
  • North Shore program
  • Lowell specialized program
  • Merrimack Valley specialized program
  • Regional DESE/DDS Program, ages 3-22
  • Lowell and Merrimack Valley Turning 22 IFFS, ages 18-23
  • Merrimack Valley Young Adult IFFS, ages 23-29
  • Merrimack Valley (Latino) Medical Program, children and adults
  • Merrimack Valley Agency With Choice (AWC), ages 23 and up
  • Merrimack Valley Elder Caregiver Program
  • Merrimack Valley SSQUAL services
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