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Wanda Santos, VP of Community Living

We offer varying support levels, spanning from 3 hours per week to 24/7 care. Within Community Living services people are supported in their own home, a family member’s home, or in a trained caregiver’s home. We aim to elevate each person’s independence and foster a strong sense of belonging both in the home and community.

Participants of this program must be eligible under the DDS. For more information, see our brochure 

Target Audience

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Transition (14-21)

Adulthood (22+)

Golden Years (Retirement+)

Adult Foster Care (AFC)

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In our Adult Foster Care (AFC) program, adults with disabilities receive compassionate care in a family setting. Funded by MassHealth, our emphasis is on supporting individuals in a familiar home environment. We provide care coordination, medical oversight, and support from professionals, including nurses and case managers. Regular home visits ensure services are provided seamlessly. Our goal is to maintain individuals in a family home, offering essential training, respite care, and access to community resources for comprehensive support.

Contact Information:

Name: Lynn Manning, Adult Foster Care Director


Phone: 978-856-5959

Shared Living (Placement Services)

In our Shared Living (Placement Services) program, adults with disabilities and those with brain injuries find dedicated care in a family setting. Waystone provides comprehensive support and home visits including nursing, case management, training, respite care, and financial reimbursement.

Contact Information:

Name: Kristi Cameron, Shared Living Director


Phone: 978-382-5258

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Individualized Support Services (ISS) (DESE/DDS)

Medical Model Homes

In our Individualized Support Services (ISS) program, Waystone is an advocate and resource for adults with disabilities living independently in the community. Beyond traditional case management, nursing oversight, and financial management, ISS places a strong emphasis on increasing the level of independence for all served. ISS is a resource-based service, with our staff acting as steadfast advocates in a variety of situations. Furthermore, Waystone extends support to family units, addressing a range of situations to ensure comprehensive care and assistance. Our commitment is rooted in providing valuable resources and advocating for the unique needs of each individual within the ISS program.

Contact Information:

Name: Jonina Goyette, Director of IHS and ISS


Phone: 978-907-5568


Individual Home Supports (IHS)

Individual Home Supports (IHS) are provided directly in the homes of young adults on an as-needed basis. With a primary focus on meeting the unique needs of each individual through skill-building, resource provision, community engagement, and job coaching to foster independence, IHS places a significant emphasis on recreational and leisure activities to ensure individuals lead a well-rounded, fulfilling life.

Contact Information:

Name: Jonina Goyette, Director of IHS and ISS


Phone: 978-907-5568

Adults with developmental disabilites

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