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Angela Broussard, Director of Behavioral Health.

Meghan Fisk, Director of Nursing

As a complement to our service areas, nursing and behavioral health supports focus on preventative, ongoing, and acute medical and behavioral health treatment and interventions. Our well-coordinated and diverse service offerings ensure high-quality, person-centered care.

Participants of this program must be eligible under the DDS guidelines and be currently enrolled in a Waystone Service area. For more information, see our brochure.

Target Audience

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Children (0-13)

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Transition (14-21)

Adulthood (22+)

Golden Years (Retirement+)

Behavioral Health

Behavioral Health

At Waystone, we strive to implement person-centered assessment and treatment to best support those in our care. With the support of our highly trained and licensed clinicians, individuals are empowered to make choices, pursue goals, and lead happy, healthy, and fulfilled lives. At Waystone, we strive to meet the individualized needs of those we support. Our knowledge and experience allow us to work collaboratively and creatively with individuals, families, and staff.

Contact Information:

Name: Angela Broussard, Director of Behavioral Health

Email: abroussard@waystonehhs.org

Phone: 978-604-9365


In collaboration with community providers, our nurses provide safe and holistic medical care, including preventative health screenings, medication administration, and oversight, as well as medical interventions, such as diabetic management, dietary and dysphagia management, assistive device application and management, vital signs, and much more. In certain settings, skilled nursing is provided which may include tracheostomy care and management, physical therapy, wound care, intravenous injections, catheter care, and more. The goal of coordinated care is to improve overall health outcomes by ensuring that care from providers and our team members is not delivered in silos but with a collaborative and inclusive approach.

Contact Information:

Name:  Meghan Fisk, Director of Nursing

Email: mfisk@waystonehhs.org

Phone: 978-902-7072


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