Transition Age (14 – 21)

Woman with boy in paint workshop

Day & Employment Services

Focuses on activities of Daily Living, Rehabilitation, Community Engagement & Membership, Vocational & Soft Skill Development, & Employment

Day Habilitation
Community-Based Day Supports
Memory Care Day Supports
Supported Employment (DDS and MRC)
Veterans Employment (Waypoint Careers)
Transition-Age Vocational Skill Training
Re-Entry Employment Services

Group of teenagers

Community Living Services

A variety of supports ranging from 3 hours per week to 24/7 around-the-clock care ensure people are well supported in their homes and local communities. with the intent on increasing each person’s level of independence and sense of belonging.

Group Home (Congregate Care)
– Turning 22
Adult Family Care (AFC)
Individualized Support Services (ISS)
Individualized Home Supports (IHS)

girl in wheelchair

Children & Family Services

Designed to provide families and caregivers with the tools and resources they need to deliver safe, comfortable, well-informed, and nurturing support to their family members in all aspects of home and community life.

Family Support Center

  • Informational resources and referrals
  • Respite
  • Flexible Funding / Stipend
  • Group-based art therapy, music therapy, and social skills training
  • Family activities
  • Recreation
  • Support Groups

Latino Parent Support Group
Elder Care Support Group
Parent Support Group
Parent Advisory Group
Parent Training/Workshops

Intensive Services (DDS Referral Required)

  • Children’s Intensive Flexible Family Support (IFFS) Program, ages 3-22
  • Regional program- Central Middlesex, Lowell, Metro North, Merrimack Valley
  • North Shore program
  • Lowell specialized program
  • Merrimack Valley specialized program
  • Regional DESE/DDS Program, ages 3-22
  • Lowell and Merrimack Valley Turning 22 IFFS, ages 18-23
  • Merrimack Valley Young Adult IFFS, ages 23-29
  • Merrimack Valley (Latino) Medical Program, children and adults
  • Merrimack Valley Agency With Choice (AWC), ages 23 and up
  • Merrimack Valley Elder Caregiver Program
  • Merrimack Valley SSQUAL services
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