We Are Waystone

Welcome to Waystone Health & Human Services. Waystone HHS is a 501c3, nonprofit, human services organization supporting adults and children with intellectual, developmental, and physical disabilities; acquired brain injuries; and mental health diagnoses across Northeast Massachusetts. Our mission is to partner with people who are diverse in age, ability, and cultural background, throughout their personal work and life journeys. For more than 50 years, we have been committed to supporting people to find and maintain valued roles within their communities.

Waystone core values


We aim for transparency in all that we do and say: open communication, clear practices, and policies establish trust within our organization and amongst our stakeholders.

“In our work, we’re often supporting people in the privacy of their own homes and spaces. It’s essential to establish mutual trust with the people we serve, in order to properly support them and meet them where they’re at.”
– Waystone Program Manager


We encourage growth, change, innovation, and achievement within our organization, amongst our employees, and for those we serve.

“Waystone understands that the path to success is not always a straight line. The flexibility, patience, and support the staff provides allows people like my daughter to learn and grow at their own pace.” – Parent


We value the people we serve, our employees, and members of the community by acting with fairness, respect, and dignity within the organization and in all aspects of service provision.

“A life without dignity is not much of a life. By treating each other with respect and providing dignified care, we are ensuring that each connection we make is adding value to someone’s life, and in turn, enriching our own.” – Advocate


We operate with strong principles, lead by example, ensure sound decision-making, and strive for high levels of accountability.

“Family members know firsthand that supporting someone with significant challenges is tough work for the staff at Waystone, but it can be equally as difficult for us to be on the outside looking in. Honesty, accountability, and the desire to make things right are consistently part of my interactions with Waystone staff.” – Parent of Person Served


We celebrate diversity and honor differences, recognize that everyone has worth and purpose, and work to create meaningful connections and a sense of belonging.

“The collective history of people with disabilities in this country is intermingled with that of people who have been discriminated against for centuries. The human services work we do today was founded by the work for equality and justice that was begun so many years ago by civil rights activists. Helping people uncover and embrace their roles in life and value as a human is at the core of what we do.”
-Brad, CEO

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